• Classroom expectations


     1) Respect the teacher, the other students, and yourself.


    2) Class begins when the tardy bell rings, please be in your seat and prepared to work.


    3) Work time is to be used to complete your math assignment first. 

     -   If you complete your math assignment, then feel free to use the time to complete other work.

    4) Water bottles are allowed in the classroom. No food or other drink in the classroom. 

    5) If you have a question please ASK for help.  I am available for extra help before school and after school. Your classmates or resources on Google Classroom will also be helpful. 

    6) Cell phones will be kept in a provided case at each desk when not specifically being used in class.


    Graded work expectations


    1) Do your own work!  Studying with a partner is encouraged to help with understanding. 

    -     However, too much help on homework can result in failing test scores.

    -     Cheating on a test will result in a score of zero on that test and disciplinary action.


    2)  Students should expect

    A quiz or test every week 

    3)  Students should expect to have homework every day.

    -     Students will complete all assignments in pencil. 

    -    We will correct assignments each day.

     -    Students will have a red pen for this purpose.

     4) Notes are helpful for learning material. Students are expected to maintain a clear set of notes for their own use.

    -         Students are expected to read to material for each lesson before coming to class. 

    5) Attendance is an important part of learning. 

    -     If a student must miss class, he or she is responsible to complete missed work and get extra help if necessary. 
    Assignments will be kept up to date on Google Classroom along with other resources so students will be expected to complete work on time.


    -     Makeup work due during a planned absence should be completed before leaving.


    Calculus and PreCalculus students will be loaned a TI-84+ CE calculator if they do not own their own.  They will be held responsible for the careful care of that calculator.