• Terry Bolen
     Terry Bolen
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    Terry Bolen
    Email: tbolen@sidney.k12.mt.us
    Phone:(406) 433- 4080
    Hi my name is Terry Bolen!
    I am the Guidance Counselor for Sidney Central Elementary School.  My counseling philosophy is to take a preventative and proactive approach, in order to help our students make better decisions.  I have taught Social Skills for eight years.  Teaching Social Skills at an early age provides a solid foundation for our children to understand what they need to do when finding themselves in difficult situations with other students.
    Some of the Social Skill lessons I teach are:

    Bullying, Listening, Conflict Resolution, Rumors, Gender Harassment,  Following Instructions,Improving Self Image, Accepting Consequences, Goal setting, Completing Assignments, Dealing with Anger, Feelings, Prejudice and Peer Pressure and using Self- Control.


    I am also helping some of our Middle School Students with their Social Skills.  Last year, I started a Leadership Program for some of the students and will continue with this program in years to come.  I will be teaching these students Social Skills in the beginning of the year and leading into class discussions on what it takes to be an outstanding leader.   Leadership pertains to getting students to be of service to others, while teaching them to effectively influence and motivate others. 

    Please come to Central Elementary School and introduce yourself to me!  My door is always open for you and your child to discuss any concerns or questions you have.
    Terry Bolen