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    Welcome to Math Level 3!!

    I would like to give you a little insight on our year.  We have a new math text this year, Big Ideas Math!  This text is available online and students will be given a code to access it. I encourage all students to use this website as reinforcement.  Available on this site is the book itself, different chapter activities, games, practice tests, tutorials, etc.  You can use this website anytime, anywhere.

    The textbooks can stay in the classroom. Their notebooks should have enough information in them to complete the homework assignments and again, the book is available online.

    Google  will be our new platform for the whole district.  All students will receive accounts and (at a later date) Chrome Books.  This will be a learning process for everyone, so please be patient and kind as we work towards figuring it out.

    Expectations:  My students are expected to follow our school’s expectations every day.  Those expectations extend into all classrooms as well.  If a student does not follow these expectations, a yellow slip will be written.

    Late Work:  Assignments that are not turned in by the due date will receive a purple slip.  I do follow the handbook’s attendance policy, so if a student is absent due to sickness, it is his/her responsibility to gather that work and get it completed after they return.  If a student has knowledge of a future absence, it is again his/her responsibility to complete that work and turn in on time.  After school TTC will not be available right away. The start date for that has yet to be determined. 

    Additional Help:  We will be using a Google platform this year which has capabilities such as video conference, email, chat, etc.  Students can email me with questions, contact me through Google, or ask me in person if they are in my class at the time.  Typically, there is an after school tutor session for students, but that service will not be available right away.  The start date for that has yet to be determined.

    Corrections:  Students can correct any assignment that they have scored below a 79% on.  Once all the problems have been corrected, I will change the grade to a 79%.  This does not apply to tests.  The corrections for the chapter must be completed before we take that chapter test.

    Projects:  I assign one out-of-classroom project two weeks before the Christmas break, which is due upon return from break.  This is a fun project for the students to practice using measurements and to work on fractions, decimals, etc.  The instructions for this project will be posted on the website.  Due to our situation (Covid) this year, I am unsure at this time if this project will be assigned.  Students usually have 4 weeks to work on it, 2 before Christmas break and the 2 during break and project is due upon return from the break. 

    Parents, please contact me if you have any concerns or questions.



    Mrs. Nevins

    Lacey Nevins
    Phone: 406-489-1883
    Homeroom:  120
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