COVID-19 Update

    Due to the COVID-19 crisis Sidney High School is using proficiency-based learning for at least the remainder of the 3rd Quarter—3/27/2020. This means that all students were identified either proficient or non-proficient in each of their courses. The main indicator for this identification is whether they were passing on the grading scale set by board policy as of 3/23/2020. Other indicators are attendance, administrative input, and teacher input.


    Non-Proficient Students

    Students who are non-proficient will have an opportunity to display proficiency with course work and instruction this week. If your student is non-proficient you should have received contact by individual teachers of the specific course that they are not meeting the proficiency standard. In this contact the instructor will have specific items that are required for your child to complete this week to reach the proficiency level. If your student has an “F” on Infinite Campus Parent Portal and you did not receive contact from individual teachers please call the high school office beginning the morning of 3/24/2020. If your child who is deemed non-proficient has work, textbooks, or other resources that need to be picked up we ask that this be coordinated with the instructor, office staff, and parents. Please call the high school office to do so beginning the morning of 3/24/2020. The format will be that all the materials will be collected and the use of a drop off/pick up zone located in the front foyer of the high school.


    Proficient Students

    Students who are proficient are not require to complete any work through the remainder of the 3rd Quarter—3/27/2020 as curriculum progress has been halted. Since we have switched to the proficiency-based model and your child has achieved proficiency their grade will neither increase nor decrease in this week. We know that this will create difficulties with class rank, cumulative GPA, and other academic awards. We want you to rest assured that we will be working with the school board to accommodate this issue and make sure that our students in the future will not lose awards, accolades, or standings in their academic career.


    As we transition into the 4th Quarter and in the event of an extended school closure we currently have all staff working to provide distance learning for all. The platform that every student will begin working on new curriculum and standards is tentatively scheduled to begin Monday 3/30/2020. As we progress through the current week of 3/23/2020 and if the start date for the distance learning platform does not seem to be feasible we will continue to communicate with all parents and community.


    Thank you for trusting us with the education of your children, and we will continue to assess the process and adjust when necessary. Communication will follow if adjustments are made.


    Sidney High School Administration

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    The educational mission of Sidney High School is to foster a safe and supportive environment that cultivates excellence in learning through citizenship, self-discipline, motivation, and positive social attitudes. Cooperation among the school, the home, and the community provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary for successful lives and careers.


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