•  Uncharted Waters

    In this time of change lean on your teachers, mentors, friends, and community. We are all in this together and it is our goal to keep you healthy, safe, and educated. This education may not be like anything you have experienced before. Be flexible. Be calm. Be willing.

    I will be communitcating mainly through TEAMS as we always have, but you can always email me if you need immediate help. I know some of you are already antsy and ready to do work.... :) So I'm setting up two things. A Flip grid channel to share your experiences and either a coding group or nitrotype group depending on your grade level. Follow the links below to find my groups.  I hope everyone will participate as a fun way to keep learning.

     Office 365 Troubleshooting            Turning Assignments in On TEAMS                   Enrichment Websites



     21st Century Technology
    Marie Holler
    Email:  mholler@sidney.k12.mt.us
    Phone:  433-4050 ext. 5143
    Homeroom: Room 312




    Middle School Technology

      Teaching in Sidney Montana has been a very rewarding experience. I truly enjoy all the students and the time of being a Sidney Eagle.  I have always had a passion for technology and the use of technology to enhance and engage learners.  I am originally from Bozeman, Montana where I received my BS in Elementary Education from MSU. Go Bobcats! After graduating from MSU, my family and I moved out to Southern California where I taught for 11 years. I have bounced up and down grades depending on the need from 4th, 5th, or 6th grade and even sometimes combos. I have spent much of my teaching career integrating technology into my everyday lessons and am looking forward to collaborating with the teachers at the Middle School to integrate what we are learning in computers with what is being taught in their general ED classrooms.

     Classroom Supplies:

    1- 2 pocket folder for computer lab only


    Wants and Wishes:

    Beanbag chairs                    lg. body pillows             lg. Exercise balls