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    Board Policy 3530 and 3530P, Student Funding-raising Activities, recognize the need to provide schools, parents, and the community with a framework and parameters for raising funds to support school activities and programs. Fund-raising activities should avoid, as much as possible, direct competition with local merchants of the school district.  Careful consideration should always be given to ensure that an undue burden is not placed on local citizens and merchants.  Door-to-door soliciting should be minimized and whenever possible, the individual schools should limit business and home contacts annually, keeping in mind that individuals and businesses often support all schools regionally.

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    Board policy (3530-3530P) applies to all fundraising initiated activities supported by the school, including those activities by teachers, school councils, booster clubs, parent organizations, and school committees.


    Standards and Guidelines   

    Building administrators and/or Activity Director (6-12 Athletics/Booster Activities) where applicable, should approve all major fund-raising activities and be made aware of minor fund-raising activities that originate from the school.  The goal of the fundraiser should be to benefit students, enhance the quality and relevance and education for learners and contribute to the development of responsible citizens.  Students should be protected from commercialism (where making money becomes the primary focus and emphasis of the fundraising activity).

    Fundraising activities must not interfere with classroom instructional time.  Staff shall limit fundraising activities to appropriate time periods as approved in consult with the building administrator.

    Student participation in fundraising events should be voluntary; it must not be mandatory for students to participate in or contribute to a fundraiser.  Students shall not be barred from a required school or class event or activity because they did not participate in fundraising.  Students voluntarily participating in club or organizational trips/activities (i.e., Close UP) are not released from paying their share of all costs associated with the activity or field trip.

    Any proceeds from fundraising activities are to be spent for the benefit of the entire student club or group and are not to be spent on a specific student’s needs unless designated at the start of a fundraising activity for a specific purpose.

    Participating employees and students are expected to be courteous and respectful towards all individuals and businesses.  Door-to-door soliciting when selling a product should be minimized and all requests for cash donations will require pre-approval from building administrators (i.e., emergency funds to aide a student/family, National Organizations—UNICEF, Cancer Research). Additionally, any door-to-door soliciting will be done in teams of not less than two (2) individuals.

    The person in charge of the fundraising event must notify parents of the fundraising activity. Parent/Community communications will include goals, process of fundraising and how funds will be used.  All major fundraising events will be posted on the District’s Website with applicable start and end dates.  All approved fundraisers will be posted by the high school Office Manager following approval and notification by principals and/or the activity director.

    Any equipment purchased with school-raised funds becomes the property of the school and will be added to the schools’ inventory.

    Accountability of Funds:

    All funds collected relative to fundraising must be deposited with the school financial secretary within five (5) days of the end of the activity detailing the financial aspects of fundraiser.

    All expenditures of funds generated from fundraising activities shall be paid by school check.  Original invoices and receipts shall document all expenditures.

    The funds derived through fundraising shall be used only for the purpose(s) and in the manner approved by the building administrator.


    All transactions related to the fundraiser are subject to audit by the Sidney Public Schools District Business Office.


    All fundraising activities require advance notification prior to the proposed activity date.   Dates for all approved Major fundraising projects must be cleared with the school administrator and placed on the district office calendar and website.

    All school clubs/organizations should limit the number of fundraising events in one academic year. Events may “NOT” have a duration of more than ten (10) school days unless extended by the building principal. (Does not include working concessions or standing concessionary school sales).

    All high school clubs/activities with an approved ASB account will be required to work at least one Talon Shift to raise money for their club.

    All school clubs and organizations should file by the first Monday in September a tentative list of fundraisers with the building principal and activity director (7-12 only).

    Outside organizations/non-school groups may not hold fundraisers in the school during the school day and advertisements for fundraisers by said organizations are limited to public bulletin boards.

    An application form (form A) must be submitted to the principal for each major fundraising activity for approval (this does not include concessions).  This applies to fundraisers by any Sidney Public School group, either on or off school grounds.