Mindful Movement permission form

  • Welcome to Mindful Movement!

    Mindful Movement Classes for West Side Elementary Students will start 9/19/22!  Mindful Movement class is an opportunity for students to spend 15-20 minutes focusing on calming breath, simple yoga movements, and relaxation.  Students can come any Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday morning (at 7:35 am) they would like and do not have to attend every day/week.  Students must have a completed permission form to attend.  Completed permission forms can be brought in to Mrs. Flynn ahead of class or sent with the child the first day they attend class.  One completed permission form for your child covers the whole 2022-23 school year.  Permission forms can be found on Mrs. Flynn's web page on the West Side Elementary site.

    Students attending Mindful Movement class can come in the school's front door or the First Grade doors from the playground - Mrs. Flynn will check the first grade doors at 7:30ish to let MM students in - and into the gym for class. 

    If students want to come for MM class and are not able to get here at 7:35, they can come into class when they get here.  Students coming in for class after 7:30 will need to come to the front door of the school to get in.

     Please contact Mrs. Flynn at oflynn@sidneyps.com with any questions.