• Students will be able to access the online library catolog at Central Library this year. This means, students will be able to look through available books in their library online to check out. 

    To do this, students will follow the link to take them to the catolog page. https://sidney.follettdestiny.com/common/welcome.jsp?context=saas03_2554243

    1. Once here, select Central School under the Location tab. 

    2. Then, select Accelerated Reader under the Reading Programs tab. 

    3. Now, type in the student's reading level in the AR Level boxes. The boxes will appear after selecting Accelerated Reader. It will ask for the range (EXAMPLE: 2.0-2.9) 

    4. Lastly, hit enter and the books within the child's reading level will appear. If they wish to look for a genre, topic, or even author, just type that in the search bar after the above steps. Then hit enter.

    To check out a book, student's will write down: the book title, their A.R.#, and first & last name. This will be turned into their teacher and sent to me to check out for them.