Hot lunch will be served each day.  Lunch is $2.60 daily per student; $52.00 for 20 days.   Please let your child's teacher know if he/she cannot drink milk.  Milk will also be available to students bringing their own sack lunch at .25 a carton.  Lunch accounts must be kept current.
    Important Families who qualified for Free or Reduced lunch eligibility in the 2018-19 school year:  That eligibility expires September 30th.  A new application must be turned in to the District Office for the eligibility to continue through the 2019-20 school year. 
    Important Any student with a lunch account owing for more than 3 days must bring a cold lunch until the account is brought up to date.
    All delinquent accounts at the beginning of May of the current school year will be subject to collections for payment per state and/or federal guidelines.
    Important Adult lunches are $4.00 for visitors and staff and must be included in the count recorded at 8:15 AM.   It is assumed that students with a hot lunch account will be eating at school unless a WRITTEN NOTE is sent to the teacher giving the student permission to eat elsewhere.